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I'm feeling a bit puny today, so my apologies for the rambling of my notes.

{From my bug report) If your intent is to make each station only usable once per attempt (that is, each time you start with boss #1) you should design a unique kolto station. As it is, the assumption is that each station should be usable for every boss fight. In fact, they should respawn during the boss fight. The would make these stations work in exactly the same manner as they do in Flashpoints.

If you kill the boss, despawn any remaining adds. You've won so why make us clean up the area? ^_^

The daily rewards should accrue after each boss fight automatically. I shouldn't have to 'cash out' to get my daily rewards. I chose the exit arena option using the intermission terminal to leave -- which I suspect many will do -- and found I was back at boss #1 when I came back. You should always be able to start back where you left off without being forced to clear bosses you've already defeated for the day. That said, if you have beaten a boss, it would be good to have the option to start with your choice of a boss if you want to practice. If you want to work on boss 5 you shouldn't have to constantly beat bosses 1 - 4 to hone your skills on 5.

When you have a new boss, you should reset all the player's cooldowns. Otherwise people are just going to sit around and wait for their cooldowns to come up before they try a new boss. I can see not resetting the cooldowns if you get defeated because learning how to time your cooldowns on a boss is a part of learning a fight. Having to wait a bit on the current boss is a reasonable penalty for a mistake.

Red circles need to act the same! The red circle for boss #5 and boss #7 should work exactly the same in the EC. Please consider changing the look of anything that has different mechanics. People are going to be confused when something that works one way on a boss doesn't work the same way on another boss. "Why does this thing snap back to the boss now? Is that important? How do I use that in the fight?" are all questions new people will have which should be able learned during the course of the fight easily. I'm a raider so "dirty tricks" doesn't phase me, but if you want to pull in people that haven't done many endgame group content you're going to need to make sure everything is very clear.

Boss #5 needs one obvious mob per mob-type that needs to be interrupted. With the long interrupt cooldowns it isn't clear if you need to interrupt all of them or just the one and then kill them. If you want to teach people to interrupt things you, again, need to make it obvious to new-to-endgame players what they should be focussing on. For example, if two droids have shields and you only need to interrupt one, either color the one you ought to focus one differently or have both droids drop their shields as soon as one is interrupted.

Clarity, clarity, clarity. Experienced endgame folks, whether PvP or PvE, are used to figuring this stuff out on the fly through trial and error. The important thing is to highlight the areas you want new-to-endgame players to be focused on. Help them build the survival skills that make it easier for them to participate in all the endgame activities without being quite so frustrated.
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