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04.01.2016 , 06:01 PM | #23
Class: Scrapper Scoundrel
Gear: Full 224 Scoundrel Healer
Experience: Completed all content in game
Companion: Rank 23 Blizz (tank)

1. Ez
2. Easy... circle mechanic was weird though
3. Easiest one yet imo... good basic get out of circle mechanic to teach new players... a lot of lag resistance though when getting out.
4. Thought it would be a good idea to take the guy with higher health out first... i was wrong . Extremely easy when u take the slug out first, then the beast master.
5. Good old DF droids... my companion died here since neither of us were healing... can see a step up in difficulty... a lot going on at once... still easy if experienced
6. Scrapper Spec and tank comp was completely useless here... Blizz died as i tried to figure out how to work the fight and i had to solo it while frontal facing... did it without to much issue but took a long time.
7. Saw companions would be ignored... set blizz to heals. Fight mechanics with the circle lead me to think to kill the knight first... tried it the other way next time and was extremely easy to complete. Also: mines become invisible when circle goes away but is still active if u walk over it unexpectedly... not game breaking but wondering if bug or intended.
8. Uhm... was this even a fight? Seriously like the 1 dude stealths and is never seen for the rest of the fight while u take down the rancor easily. (forgot to set blizz back to tank... will do it for next fight)
9. TC reborn... tank comp was able to survive all frontal attacks until the end with minor heals from myself. Again... easy fight
10. Respeced ruffian cause I got tired of not being able to use backblast... Interesting fight... once u figure it out it is easy

To conclude, tank comps are pretty useless overall scoundrel dps is not optimal but can be used... some fights are outright easy... a few once u see it and figure it out will also be easy... I dont see much replay value besides gearing up.

For a new player I think these fights are attuned properly, makes them think about what to do and teaches them basic mechanics. My suggestion is to add different modes in the future specifically for tanking dpsing and healing so people can practice specific thinks in their role (holding aggro, hps/dps checks, cleansing) while practicing other mechanics.

Only bug Ive seen so far (ive mentioned it a few times in here) is the mines becoming invisible in fight 7)

EDIT: Here is my 2nd run through: was trying to go for no deaths but I am trash and stepped in 1 to many invisible mines on one of the fights I guess.... None the less this shows the basic mechanics of the 10 fights in the encounter.
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