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I am not sure I will ever max out my companions it seems like too much, however I have set some more 'reasonable' limits. Each class has 1 character that's a crafter and for that character I rank up to rank 20 using rank 1 companion gifts (as soon as I get the companion) with a aim of funneling all gifts through these characters to get them at least rank 30+, for all alts of those classes I chose the same crew skills and replace the crafting skill with slicing, with these characters I give them a base influence of rank 15 (giving gifts as soon as I get them), any influence gained after that is a bonus.

It seems like a reasonable trade off since I still get some decent crits from my gathering alts but the larger proportion of crits will come from my crafting characters.
I agree that trying to get all companions on all characters to max influence is too much. In fact I will go so far as to say it is unnecessary. I have implemented a similar strategy to yours:

On my crafting characters I have one companion that is rank 30+ that is my dedicated crafting companion. The rest range from 10 to 25 (basically the former max affection to slightly better than the former best companion specific bonuses). I tend to use...
  • lower rank companions for gathering skill missions (since a crit is not as important; 2 extra units is not worth worrying about) and discovered missions (again crits are nice on those but not as important)
  • higher rank on mission skills (where purple mats are nice but not always necessary)
  • and highest rank (save the one crafter) for slicing (since purple mats are the goal)

The exception is my main where the increased efficiency is actually a benefit (while playing I can run more missions). On my main I have seven companions 30+ (50, 46, 40, 40, 39, 35, 33; Niko is my 50 so when he disappeared I leveled another companion to compensate)
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