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12.29.2011 , 05:56 AM | #1
Hey everyone, quite a few of you might already know me and my website from tons of other guides that I've been working on day in and day out with Swtor, some of my leveling, crew skills, pvp, or Datacron guides maybe. But here I am happy to announce a new section that I've just started work on, my Flashpoints!

Now I only got three guides done for now (about to take a nap, wake up and finish off a few more flashpoint guides and start some work on farming guides) but for now, I'm happy to get what I have done so far out there. Here are the current Flashpoint guides I've finished up (they need a few cosmetic touch ups, I'll do that when I wake up in a few hours)

Flashpoint Guides -

Allusis -

Athiss -

Hammer Station -

Keep an eye on this page if you want a guide for either Esseless or Cademimum or however those two are spelled, I'm too tired right now. I'll be making guides for both of them when I wake up!