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12.13.2011 , 05:41 PM | #5
Just because they didn't say "up to" at first when discussing EGA doesn't mean you were promised to get access the first second it opened.

When they later clarified and better formulated to all that it would be "up to 5 days" EGA that applied to ALL people that pre-ordered not just those that had yet to pre-order.

They started EGA 2 days early! Thus no one has any right to expect access until 12/15.

If you chose to purchase your game through a service that charged a $5 convenience fee for pre-ordering it is not that services fault that you did not have all your wishes and desires granted. You should have been an informed consumer and found the best deal. You could now be like me pre-ordered for $5 bucks towards the final purchase cost and waiting for my eary game access which will pretty damn cool because it is free!