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I was going to post my char... but then I caught an arrow in the knee. But in all seriousness good to see familiar faces.

Question: Why do a lot of people use the last name Halcyon... or is it that there are just several names that look similar... or is it that I just see the same char over and over again?
Halcyon is a name of a Jedi Line that is more prevelant in the Later EU around the time of the Fall of the Empire, and Rise of the Jedi Order. After Order 66 it Shifts to the Last name Horn, but the Line is Direct.
Famous Characters from this family include-
Keiran Halcyon
Corran Horn
Valin Horn
Jysella Horn

As there is no mention in canon of this name being prominent during the old Republic I felt it a good tie in to how the force works in mysterious ways.
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