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Quote: Originally Posted by deserttfoxx View Post
Oh so only hardmode flashpoints should be hard?

I guess i should use the same level of indignation in my tone and then believe i made a point by capping it with kthx like yourself.

The longest flashpoint ive bneen in was foundry and it took 25minutes, so get real, none of them are hard right now.

And you and I arent the same, maybe you cant figure out your rotation by 50, but dont put me in your skill bracket.
Yes, HMs should be hard. That's why they're called "hard" mode. Not that they're really hard right now, more like bugged.

What indignation? If you read more than your own topic you would realize I'm making fun of the "omg enrage is so unfair" topics around the board.

Cool story.

If you can't tell that I'm mocking people who hit endgame enrage timers at 50% HP and you for whining about leveling content being easy, you need English comprehension lessons first. Or perhaps you just knee jerked at the slightest hint that you might not be up to par in a game and wanted to compensate by trying to separate yourself from me. Wonder which?