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100% agreed i would go PT but having one little blaster is embarrassing i feel like a child with it
I don't find it embarressing, but then again, I managed to find a pistol that makes me look like I'm compensating for something.

I'll go ahead and voice my opinion on the matter though. Due to the playstyle of the Powertech, pistols are actually ideal for the kind of close-quarters fighting we find ourselves in. For longer-range fighting, I wouldn't mind having a blaster rifle, but for the extreme close quarters I find myself in, pistols are a godsend. They allow you to maneuver during melee combat, and pistols are more 'environment friendly' in the fact that they don't have a lot of bulk to deal with when making tight turns in starships and buildings.

While I would love to see blaster rifles become a viable option (perhaps a particular specialization tree for Powertech and/or Mercenary?), I can see why the developers wanted Powertechs in particular to carry a pistol.

Trust me, there's some awesome looking pistols in this game.