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02.19.2016 , 03:49 AM | #20
With most guilds atm not being too Alt friendly as I have 20 characters on Ebon Hawk alone, that well I tend to politely decline guild invites because I know if i don't log in on whatever name I put into a guild for at least 30 days, they have the right to Kick it, so to save myself some time and embarrassment I politely tell them I won't join because it's an ALT that I use to level up story content, and craft with, then move onto a new name. But I do see the point in joining a guild, other thing is too, I tend to use youtube as a source of learning mechanics for a fight, even when it's solo style like end of chapter class fights with Darths, and etc. I will go and watch how to move around and keep HP up without it declining fast. I usually stay out of the areas that are stuck on stupid. I won't deny I'm new to most stuff about the game, just also extremely shy to play with others. I guess past toxicity is what made me that way. But again thanks for the advice ,I still have a ways to go, and more research to do.