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Now after reading some of these posts. I'm tempted to try my hand at a few now. It's nice to see a better way of helping players regardless of being new or just new to FPs and etc. I myself have Ops for Dread sitting in my log on a few players both Republic and Imp side. Mostly Imp though, along with Seeds and Shroud's. Been sitting there so long I forgot all about them actually until now. But I give you guys credit and applaud you all for bring a nicer group finder thread, as the other one I avoided because I suck at just about anything with a group mechanic in it. I am a solo player that doesn't group at all. But you guys give me an idea that I may have to come out of my comfort zone and give it a try ...I may..May not, depends.
If you're not already in one, if you join a PVE guild there are more often than not plenty of people that would be happy to take you through them. You don't have to use the GF alone to get through group content. Guilds are more often than not patient, helpful, and supportive.
I would bet that most vets feel the same way I do about helping people with content. I feel more satisfaction getting through a FP that took time to explain and a couple of hard learning experiences via wipes than a zergfest faceroll with three other vets who can't even bother to respond to a simple "hi" in the beginning. Guess which one makes me fall asleep at my desk.
I'm happy to heal/tank the whole flashpoint for three new/mediocre dps (or one new tank) as long as they say they're new and they listen to advice. It's more manageable in guild runs but I've had similar experiences in GF, too. It only becomes a problem and turns into a story in the Weird People thread when the other people are rude (i.e. spacebar monkeys), fake "pros", completely silent despite efforts to elicit a response, or deliberately unwilling to follow advice if something isn't working.

I have another entry for great people: When I'm doing a guild run with two others and we have to queue for a random fourth. So far this week the randoms have been patient and engaging with the rest of the group, which is much appreciated since it is typically the first time for the two guildies I'm guiding through. No spacebar spam, rage quits due to a mechanic wipe that needs to be taught, or anything like that. It also gives a good example to the two new players that not all people in GF are weird.
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