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02.18.2016 , 02:06 AM | #15
I like to add competent people I've met through GF to my friends list and then poke them for future flashpoints. The other day, during Rakghoul week, something slightly different happened--one of them (DPS Guardian) was asking in gen chat for one more to do the Rakghoul heroic, so I joined him on my TK Sage.

As someone who has facetanked far too many things with a squishy class that relies heavily on channels/casting, it was a delight to have a fellow DPS who was aware of his utilities and taunted stuff off me. When I thanked him for it, he said "yeah, I'm not a tank, but it didn't seem like you should be the one getting hit".

Group-aware people are the best. <3

Also, new people who say they are new (altogether or just to a specific FP), ask for directions and then follow them? They are also the best.