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02.16.2016 , 01:42 PM | #14
I had a really nice GF Explosive Conflict run this weekend on my gunslinger main. It was about half a guild run, i think 4 people were from the same guild. If i remembered the name, i would give them a shout out here. I didn't inspect anyone's achievements, so i don't know if anyone was new, though a couple of players said they were rusty on the details of the operation.

We made it through the first bunch of trash ok, with maybe a death or two, then one-shot the Drouk bosses, no problem.

We took 3-4 tries on Firebrand & Stormcaller, while people figured out their best positioning to handle the spikes and yellow circles.

On to the minefield, one of the tanks knew how to work the tower console, and one was more comfortable on the ground, and it went like a well-oiled machine. One-shot, no deaths.

It took us two tries to beat Kephess. Everyone knew the fight, we didn't lose anyone to reflective shields, but the first time we lost a couple of people to the fire from the walker, and we hit enrage. We had him down to like 1%. One more try, and it went fine.

Never any complaints or ragequits. Just a really pleasant group which made for a fun EC run, which seems kind of rare.