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02.12.2016 , 03:42 PM | #13
Just had an awesome Kaon Under Siege run. Had hopped in GF hoping to get it or Lost Island (for the extra conquest) and luckily this popped up. Went in, said hellos, and went on our way (I'd joined solo, and just randomly a guildie was also in the run :-D). Tank was fantastic (and put guard on me right away which is a really good idea. Arsenal Merc in 224 gear...), and healer did a fantastic job keeping us all up and all alive the entire time (the only death was the healer, and that was me and the other dps's fault as he got stunnlocked by a mercenary and we didn't realize it until he was dead ). But we continued on through and beat all the bosses and the whole FP in under an hour. Didn't get to do the secret boss as not everyone had a relic, but was still a great run nonetheless (and I walked out with 9k conquest which is nice ).
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