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I'm not trying to be antagonistic with the title -- I'm actually curious as to what he intended with these blood-born things.

A quick search of the Web turns up a lot of explanation but not much background. For example Urban Dictionary defines Midichlorian as: "Word imagined by George Lucas to totally f***-up The misticism surrounding the Force in Star Wars."

So does anyone know the actual background of the Midichlorians and why Lucas decided that they were the wellspring of the Force? Anyone with inside knowledge (Maybe some of the Mythbusters play??)?

To me, it seemed like what Lucas was trying to show was that the Jedi of old had all kinds of knowledge that was lost in the totalitarian regime of the Empire.

Of course, in the end, Midichlorians joined Jar Jar Binks, Padme's constant wardrobe changes and the Trade Federation as the primary villain of the prequels on the post-TPM trash heap of ideas. But I'd still love to know what Lucas was trying to get at.