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The thing about The Old Republic is that even though we know what happens in the Star Wars movies, there is a huge chronological gap between this game and those movies. In that time, the Sith could rise and fall and rise and fall a dozen times, because it is largely undocumented. That's the point in creating KOTOR and SWTOR in this period in time, they have creative freedom to just make stuff up as they go.

As for your question about the storyline, you're mainly playing your own personal story, and every class has 'Chapters' that you progress through, with climaxes and cliffhangers and all that good stuff. You also get a broad story of the Republic vs Sith Empire, as there are many quests that are shared between all the classes of your faction. The game's story mainly focuses on your character, and his/her involvement in each planet's conflicts.

Play it, you'll get the idea.