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12.29.2011 , 12:51 AM | #4
Black Talon, Directive 7, Battle for Ilum and False Emperor are all capable of being completed with some patience and coordination.

As for Boarding Party and The Foundry, they are not really working too well right now. Boarding Party's final boss is difficult, and his loot chest is also broken, making the flashpoint honestly not worth doing unless you want something from the earlier bosses. The Foundry's final boss is currently bugged (or extremely overtuned) and begins to instantly kill players when the fight reaches a certain point, rendering it impossible to complete for most groups.

All of the level 50 hard FPs have major bugs and broken mechanics. The difficulty is also extremely inconsistent - some bosses are completely trivial while others are practically unbeatable without creative use of game mechanics or a specific group makeup. All in all, like the above posters said, the endgame PvE as a whole is very clearly in an extremely unfinished/unpolished state, although I honestly wasn't expecting much more.