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ok, you don't see the point, when it's a four person group for a flashpoint and two are dps with the best gear possible to get at 50 right when you could hit 50 (ie correllia gear), yet we're doing the best we can and still hit enrage timers on the first hard flashpoint you're to do to get gear, then something is wrong.
Maybe you should gear up through lvl 50 dailies and normal instances before rushing to hard-modes ? While there certainly are enrage timers in the game atm that are poorly tuned, the Black Talon ones are not. They are completely doable, although as I posted in my hard-mode summary thread about a week ago they are probably too hard for people who are new to MMOs.

Also, claiming you need a parser etc to figure out effective prioritizations/rotations is just pure BS. While you probably won't be able to push your class to the absolute max, it should be fairly easy to reach 95+% of your potential.

As for the whole "enrage timers are stupid" argument, without enrage timers not a single one of the hard-mode fights in this game would actually be hard. Almost every group will have a dpser that is able to throw out some heals or shields on the side, and if they didn't have to worry about putting out dps that would completely trivialize the content. And it's not like they can tune the content to require that either, as it would lead to a flood of complaining about dpsers having to heal.