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Which is why we have long, bland political talk going on for minutes in Episode I, decapitations and suggested **** in Episode II and slaughter of children and body horror in Episode III.

Yup, sounds like stuff for kids to me.

And Hayden can act, he has a limited range but within it he certainly can act, Natalie Portman has won an oscar and Ian McDiarmid is a formidable actor.

Episode 1 was for kids. Jar Jar Binks, C-3PO and, Anakin were all for Kids. The political talk was.. what a total of 20 minutes out of a four hour movie?

Ep. 2, is the worst because it achieved nothing. It had no goal.

I never said Ep. 3 was for kids, just Episode 1 and a failed Ep 2.

Natalie is a good actor, in SW she was at her worst. In Black Swan she was at her best. And winning Oscar doesn't make you a good actor. Ian McDiarmid is a highly acclaimed actor except SW he was at his worst.

I only hate on Episode 2. It seemed to have no goal and no target audience. Ep 1, achieved the goal of appealing to kids with one action moment that all Kids movies have. Ep 3 appealed to Adults and Hardcore SW Fans. Ep. 3 was the movie that made everything make sense in The OT. Vader's turn, how the Empire came to be so powerful, the Emperor's power and why Vader was so loyal to him. How Powerful Yoda and Obi Wan were in their prime.
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