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12.29.2011 , 12:27 AM | #12
Just tried to do this. We were not able to beat him. Group was:

Tank: Juggernaut
DPS1: Marauder
DPS2: Mercenary
Healer: Operative (me)

Contrary to some of the other reports in this thread, he is indeed still bugged and one shots people (instant 20-25k damage) at ~35%. The tank was able to survive the first cast by popping all of his cooldowns, but subsequent attacks instantly killed whoever it was used on.

The first "tick" of damage is dealt before the channeling bar is even visible - meaning that, for us, even with a perfect interrupt, the target was going to get hit at least once for 20k damage or so, which was more than enough to kill the person instantaneously with no chance of recourse.

Conceivably, if your DPS is high enough, you should be able to simply zerg him down with battle rez before the group wipes. Regardless, the fight is clearly not working as intended.