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the thing is, even when bosses enrage they are still killable. we get enrages every time we fight a boss. every. time. but we still kill it, its not hard at all. stop crying that the game is too hard and step up your game.
The game isn't too hard. It's cryptic.

Cryptic (adj): mysterious in meaning; puzzling; ambiguous

The game wouldn't be cryptic if we could see combat logs detailing how much damage we're doing and what killed us. Then tank and spank wouldn't be "hard" again for the first time in 6 years.

Go play WoW hard modes again before you cry panda land and you'll see how dps meters cause mechanics to actually require more movement and raid awareness, making the game more fun. Granted, in WoW by the end of Cataclysm, those mechanics amount to pressing a button to avoid raid damage, but it's still better than tank and spank with random enrage mechanics and no way to fix the problem except by replacing BOTH dps.
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