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12.28.2011 , 11:43 PM | #1
Before I quit playing TOR's endgame PVE content completely because of the horrible state it's in - can those that were more patient than I let myself and others know what hardmode flashpoints have:

1. Loot containers that work
2. Loot is actually level 50 loot and not randomly low level loot from the normal mode
3. No bosses are bugged out making them unkillable
4. You can actually zone in
5. The instance is finishable and the last boss drops the correct loot.

I've tried to run 3-4 hardmode instances now and only 1 of them: Black Talon, was even doable.

Also what the frak is up with PVE tier 1 gear costing like a minimum of 30-35 runs of a hardmode instance to get just one piece but strangely you can get a piece of tier 2 pvp gear with better stats after playing 8-10 warzone matches???

Right now it seems there's no reason whatsoever for my guild to do flashpoints - we'd all be better off just pvping and getting the gear then going straight to operations.... oh wait operations don't have problems do they? Like lockouts not working correctly, loot not being distributed properly - starting to get frakkin disgusted with Bioware on their PVE endgame.... what the frak were you thinking Bioware?

Also animation lag is so fun in PVP. How long do you think we're all going to maintain interest Bioware?