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1. It was mentioned everywhere that you get "up to 5 days" early access. Up to, that isn't the same thing as 5 days. Reading comprehension fail.

2. They started early access 2 days early, using your own failed logic you can't begin to complain until the 5th.

3. The game launches on the 20th, you didn't pay for early access.

You will get in based on your spot on line, as early as tomorrow or as late as the 19th. THEY HAVE SAID THIS SINCE JULY. It's in bold uppercase text on your purchase.
Who ever wrote this post is an utter moron a first of all when preorder was first announced there was no up to 5 days early access it was guaranteed access to the early start program. Second if you order through the origin store they are charging 5 $ extra for preorder ergo people are paying money to get early access so you see your the moron who can not read go back to school sherlock epic fail