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12.28.2011 , 11:18 PM | #14
It's plainly bugged. We spent hours on it tonight, determining the sequence ahead of time, counting down 1-2-3-click, trying to off-set completion, going all left, going all right, south going left while north goes right, alternating left and right for each level, in both Hard and Nightmare Mode.

After getting downright sick of resetting it, we finally got it by pure, random chance, doing absolutely nothing special to increase our efficiency on either side.

The encounter is bugged, with the control panels going and remaining inactive after a tier (first, second or third, but mostly second for us) is completed on both pylons. It is at this time that both panels should immediately light up as the next tier becomes active, and yet it bugs out and the fight - not to mention, the trash - has to be reset.
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