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12.28.2011 , 11:10 PM | #16

Enrage timers are only viable when DPS can be thoroughly and accurately tested via parsing. Otherwise, stat weights and rotations are objective and worthless.

Soft enrage timers are fun, raid wipes when you hit a specific time are not. Rift's first two raids had great examples of soft enrages during encounters like Infiltrator Johlen and Warmaster Galenir.

SWTOR does not allow parsing, and their enrage timers are unimaginative and altogether boring. Therefore, they should remove or vastly extend enrage timers, and instead learn from this amazingly bad design flaw and move forward. They already disappointed many fans by failing to deliver on dynamic raid content which got away from the "beat up on a fat boss and dodge fire" like they said in early interviews.

SWTOR raiding turned out to be nothing new or exciting, just another PvE game, but now with lightsabers and blasters. Lots of blasters. A *********** ton of them. Fortunately, PvP is stale and uninspiring and no RvR system has been mentioned. Loving the storyline Bioware, but your endgame better be packed tight in a box somewhere in that office, waiting to be released when the population at large hits 50.