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I liked this feature when it was in, but just a suggestion to the Devs when they do put this back in. I was wondering why they couldn't put the option to turn on the color matching from the character sheet itself, instead of having to hunt for it in the whole preferences section. That way you could actually see what it looks like as soon as you turn it on. You could see the change immediatly and decide from there whether to keep it on. You may decide that you liked the look of your setup with out the color matching, and if it was on the character sheet you wouldn't have to go all the way back in to the preferences to turn it back off. I know it may seem like a trivial detail, but I think it would remove a bit of the hassle and keep it all in the same place. You could also put the option for the "Hide head peice" there too. It would aslo be pretty cool if you could rotate your character in the character sheet too, but my main reason for posting would be the suggestion to have the color matching on the character sheet. That is my main thing. Thanks Bioware, its a great game and I'm loving every minute of playing it!
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