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This game has Enrage timers? Are you freaking serious? What moron came up with that idea and thought it was a great concept to bring it here?

All this is going to do is create the elitism we are trying to avoid. At this rate, you might as well make DPS meters. Because without them we are going to hit the hard wall of Enrage timers.

And I HATE DPS meters.
So... just so I can get this straight, you like long boring encounters? As it stands, if there isn't a time limit on fights, you can defeat them with a simple healing rotation. The only way to make a challenging fight when there's no time limit is to go the other direction and make the fight so long that the challenge becomes about whether you can stay awake for it, but at no point is there any risk of failure.

You can have all the cool moves in the world for your boss, but if you have enough healers and tanks, it doesn't matter if they do it "right" or how you intended, they'll just let the bodies pile up until the mob is dead. Take a look at other MMO raid bosses. You'll find that for ones without enrage timers, DPS classes are optional at best, and considered a waste of space at worst. We all know what happens to classes with no purpose. No one plays them.