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12.28.2011 , 10:29 PM | #10
100% Support from me too.

Player housing would really add to the game, and while i'm fairly happy with how the space combat sequences are at launch, they aren't enough to keep me as interested as I could be. I'd find myself playing much more of them if they were more free-form flying, than just another On-Rails shooter.

I'm not sure if we can or not, I'm still not all that far into the game yet; But I've sadly seen nothing to suggest we can craft items from scratch, just modifications for already existing items.
I've also not seen anything to suggest we can craft droid pets (I'd love to craft an Astromech pet), these are features i'd very much like to see implemented in the future, if it isn't already and I've just not seen it yet.

However, my biggest problem so far is the lack much variation of Color Crystals. Aqua in particular.. it seems odd to me that we can have a Black - Yellow Saber, but not the basic and more commonly seen color of Luke's saber in A New Hope.