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You can't blame them for it. One trailer has more sense making plot and more realistic sounding dialogue than the entire prequel trilogy combined.
The only bad acting I saw was Hayden, Natalie Portman and, the chancellor.

Ewan McGregor's Acting blew Mark Hamill's out the water. Watch the OT, look how late Mark is to respond. I'm not hating on the OT, I love it better than the PT I'm just saying that you guys really hate on the PT for no good reason.

The first movie was meant for kids. And it is for kids. My niece and nephew love the first episode.

And then Lucas tried to balance Kids and old OT fans with Episode 2, I blame it on his plot.

Episode 3 was the best of the PT. Hayden was getting better, Ewan was the same good one. Palpatine got better as well.

The only good arguement you guys have is the OT had better plot and that is true. But what else is there that makes it better with true evidence?
Hapan: "This creature has information that could lead us to a woman who has been kidnapped. We will get that information."
Luke: "This woman is a citizen of the New Republic, and if you do not take your hands off her, I will take your hands off you."