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I thought it would be nice to have a counterpart of the (rather long and entertaining) The weird people you meet in GF thread, where we can talk about cases of people who impressed you in some spectacular way, for example by saving the group in a situation that was looking hopeless.

While reading about bad/weird experiences can be funny and educational (personally I picked up a lot of things one should or shouldn't do from that thread), it can also dissuade new players from entering group content entirely. Let's convince them not every GF group is like that!

Some ground rules: any group content applicable (non GF is fine as well), no bragging (make sure your stories aren't just about you ), no names (advertising specific players is not the point of this thread and it can cause them to be friendlist spammed).


I guess I'll start with one of my more recent HM FP runs.

HM False Emperor, me on my Sage Healer with Guardian tank, Gunslinger dps and (I think) Guardian dps, all lvl 65.

Starting trash goes easy, skipping to the first boss on the bridge (Tregg the Destroyer). Others know to stay out of the spin attack the first time it comes up, so I'm mostly just keeping people bubbled and putting hots on them and dots on the boss, occasionally dropping an aoe heal. However, soon the melee dps takes too long to move out of the red circle, and dies almost instantly (I felt bad, but don't think I could save him even if I was channeling heal at him at the time). I switch to reviving him, and the moment he's up the boss suddenly dies. I'm a bit surprised since the fight seemed shorter than I'm used to (I forgot to put the boss in my focus target, so mostly didn't keep track of the health bar). Running ahead of myself, while there were more deaths further on, I think this death was the only one in the whole run which might count for player error.

Next boss, Jindo Krey, the mandalorian one with the gunship. Start of the fight, I force speed to the console to shoo the gunship away, one of the dps follows and successfully uses it after Jindo grapples me back to him. I go into heal mode, but soon notice there are no missile target markers on the ground from the gunship attacks. And everyone is gaining stacks of the missile damage debuff, making it harder and harder to heal through the damage from the gunship. I'm struggling to keep the tank alive, the dps somehow manage stay alive with my occasional off-heal and not standing in one place. At this point I can't possibly stop healing to use the console without losing the tank, so the dps should be taking care of that. They do or try to, but the stacking damage bonus doesn't reset and soon I fail the continuous burst heal test. Tank dies, we eventually wipe.

I'm puzzled because I can't figure out what the heck we did wrong, so I stay silent running back, as do all others. Bubble everyone, tank pulls. I decide to stand closer to the console this time, to keep track and make sure we don't miss using it when it's time to reset the gunship damage bonus. The gunslinger seemed to have the same idea, and we make sure to use the console regularily during the fight. It doesn't work, the damage stacks keep piling up. At this point I can't see the gunship at all, like it's invisible. Skip forward past some of mine frantic healing, the tank dies again, followed by one of the dps. The dps pipes up with "it's bugged" and the tank replies "yeah". They were right, as the gunship soon materializes right on top of the middle console, covering part of the room. The other dps somehow manages to stay alive for a bit with my help, but soon heroically perishes with me shortly following. At that point, the boss was at ~10% and I noticed with surprise the fight goes on. Turns out the tank and the other dps ressed at checkpoint and ran back in time to continue the fight! Jindo went down in seconds, and someone joked that we managed beat the bug boss. I get a res, we loot, and move on.

We one-shot every boss after that, including the bonus boss. Not a single death, in fact I barely had anything serious to heal, so they had to be interrupting all the interruptible stuff. Probably the most heal intensive fight was the difficult trash pull after the HK boss at the anemid engineer (we beat it without bothering to use cc). The two prototype droids boss fight went down faster than I've ever seen before, I think the first unshielded one died before they even had the chance to switch the shield once. Those guys were really good.