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Can someone explain what Need and Greed actually does?
Thanks for asking. NEED rolls always grant a higher priority than a GREED roll.

for example, let's say a lightsaber drops, but the item is specifically designed for your class. If you hit NEED and the other players hit GREED, the item automatically goes to you because you rolled NEED, regardless of the number you generated.

If everyone rolls NEED, the item will go to the highest roller; if everyone rolls GREED, the item goes to the highest roller.

Keep in mind that you should ONLY roll NEED if it is an item designed for your class and spec AND if that item is an upgrade over the item you currently use because when you roll NEED, you effectively disable every GREED roll in the group.

IF there are, for example, two players in the group of the same class and the item that drops is an upgrade for both, then both players should roll NEED. The other two players in the group will roll GREED. Let's say you generate the following rolls:

player A - NEED - 32
player B - NEED - 16
player C - GREED - 100
player D - GREED - 58

The item is awarded to player A.

Does this all make sense?