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12.28.2011 , 07:19 PM | #4
Yes I know what you mean I tried to do Mandalorian Raiders just a few moments ago but I kept having the same problem "Rest active Flashpoints" it kept saying it again and again and everyone of us reset the quest in the mission log and even switched party leader from each other and reset by right clicking on out portrait but no matter what we did it continued to say that we had to reset and wouldn't let us in, This happened with Athiss as well when we tried that to test still wouldn't let us in and told us to reset.

We even tried dropping the quest and re taking with the same result as well as trying to relog and the same thing, its rather frustrating when you want to do the flashpoints for some fun and decent loot but the game wont let you.

This is not the first time its happened either it happened last night too.