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It's not just you guys. My lvl 18 MALE assassin has had 1 flirt option in the whole game. All the romances in general are pretty shallow and stupid IMO anyway from what I've heard.
which is weird, because my female agent has had a TON of flirt options.

im personally chalking it up to the character archetypes. Where a smuggler or agent might flirt with someone to get what they want, a jedi would use force persuade, and a sith might choke or shock em.

i haven't played any male toons yet, so i can't say anything to that, all i can say is that ive noticed a big difference in the dialogue options between the classes.

And on that note... i have noticed that when i went back with my agent and did quests id already done with my warrior, i noticed that instead of a "choke" option like my warrior got, my agent got a "flirt" option.