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12.28.2011 , 06:51 PM | #1
LVL 50 2 man Flashpoint.

I remember from late beta hearing there was supposed to be 2 of them. Obviously one being the BT starter instance, but I remember there was a a lvl 50 2 man flashpoint.

Ive enjoyed 2 manning flashpoints while I levelled, untill collocoid :/ but I just havent heard anyone chatting about a lvl 50 2 man one. Im eager to try it if it excists. Does it? Which one is it, and where to access it. Thank you.

(Im lvl 50 a few days, - but I've not finished my class quest due to a slight issue with BH class quest and illum. - I refuse the lightside option to avoid the problem. Could this be why I havent had a breadcrumb to the flashpoint in question?)