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****, someone who actually has logical input for as to what they should put into the game and not something simply because it was in their previous MMO? Did I die and go to heaven? Please have a free bump from me.
I sharn't turn away a free bump! Thanks for your comments!

Quote: Originally Posted by Garik View Post
Great ideas!

Could throw in Random Developer Events as well, like they did in SWG.

/Server Message/

*Imperial and Republic forces are currently fighting on planet X*

Could turn it into a temporary PvP zone with the winning side getting some commendations, or something like that. Shouldn't be a problem spawning NPCs and adding various stuff to the area, seeing as how much they bragged about the Hero Engine.
Oh! Didn't think of that, It would certainly be interesting, be it in a main questing zone, perhaps a bit outside of it or even off in space, hell I'd love to get a report of an ongoing battle then fly over to Hoth or where ever and do my bit.

Quote: Originally Posted by Papasteak View Post
Wow how long did this take you to write?

Also, good job.
Hard to tell really, I kinda lost track of time while writing it up, and thanks.

Quote: Originally Posted by Seattlite View Post
I support & agree w/ everything on the OP's list 100%.

Especially the player housing and trophy system.

I would also like to see increased variation in the lightsaber/blaster colors. Off-shades of red/orange, cyan, and green - perhaps randomly craftable via proccing on a rare/epic quality color crystal? Or by adding ingredients to an existing color crystal?

Oh yeah, and more content. Keep it coming please.
Thanks for your support! And yes, player housing is something I've always felt really secures a game as an MMO, after all it's just a physical form of guilds.

As for the variation in crystal colours, I know exactly what you mean! I've had a few friends looking for an aqua/cyan crystal only to be disapointed by it's lack of existance currently, as for crafting it, I think your ideas are pretty solid, although good old faishioned rare drops could work too.

Quote: Originally Posted by Raximillian View Post
Good ideas, you should post them in the suggestion forum... Doup!

Yeah, I like the ideas. Specially the suggestion forum one... We really need one :S
Thanks! Yeah, I feel I'm going to have to spend a while bumping this thread to get past all the other ones, be they rants, other suggestions or even just pure general discussion!

Still, let's hope we get a good old suggestions forum soon, it could give light to some of the best ideas yet!
The Space Improvements, Player Homes and Individuality Suggestions Thread!

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