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The flashpoint was cleared fairly easily, with one exception: we could not knock Malgus off of the ledge. The fight itself was pretty easy, however, whenever we got Malgus to the point where you had to knock him off, he would go in. This resulted in him enraging, and us wiping. We wiped almost 14 times before we got him.

This is how the scenerio played out. Around 13 or so percent, we would lead him down toards the edge of the bridge. Once he starts his Force Lightning, I would hit my Overload and Malgus would fall over, then our Warrior would hit his Force Push, but Malgus would either get right to the edge or he just would not move. It did not matter how close we got him to the edge before we initiated our knock backs, he just would not go in. Anyone else have this problem?

Our group make up was DPS Sith Sorcerer, tank Sith Warrior, healing OP, and a DPS Powertech. Our knock-backs were Overload with a Sith Sorcerer and Force Push with a Sith Warrior.
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