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Hey everyone, I'm not dead, just without internet .

Comments: No time this time around, but I will say welcome Astrocytosis and Grayish Pheonix

I have two stories this time around, to make up for missing out on a few prompts. Sadly, neither are funny per say (unless you've got a really odd sense of humour).

Prompt: Colours,
Title: Beauty against a Binary Sunset
Perspective: Vette, Twi’lek Adventurer
Word Count: 2,374
Spoilers: mention of SW Tatooine
Recommended listening:

Prompts: Changes, Turning Points, Forever may it dominate your destiny, It didn’t happen like that
Title: The Hermit
Perspective: Roan, Kid Sith
Word Count: 2,913
Spoilers: End of SW Tatooine and underlying purpose behind SW ACT I
Chronology: the morning after Beauty against a Binary Sunset