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All I can say is that you and I are obviously playing a different game. In my SWTOR the missions are incredibly well written and voice-acted. WHat BW has done here is nothing short of spectacular.
I absolutely love the story and cut scenes... Pause for Effect... For Class Quests, and maybe some of the planet wide side quests. Everything else is tripe, garbage written to hold up te promise of a fully voiced MMO. They would lose NO Fans, or awesomeness by making side quests, EXACTLY like WoW. and Class Quests fully VO and Cutscenes. I dont want 5 minutes of dialogue to explain why I need to get 5 bombs and put them on 5 corpses. I dont give a flying ****, however you better damn believe I care why tarro blood wont just **** off!

I'm looking right at you Tarro, you smug piece of crap.