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Hah, I was frustrated at this as well however; there is nothing we can do to hold aggro. Both cats hit for little to no damage so it's not anything to worry about. What I'm concerned with is the fact they have SO MUCH BLITHERING HEALTH FOR ADDS! I can easily say that 80% of the fight is wasted on those adds after the boss is dead... It's such a long boring fight once the boss dies. I say, once the boss dies, both cats take 100% increased damage because their master has fallen and they've gone into a frenzy revealing their weakpoints.
Wow. That's really lame then. But at least I feel better now.

Unfortunately groups are so full of "googgooggo" kiddies that you don't have time to discuss tactics anymore. Heh. Hell, on the second boss I ended up picking up both of them at once and they ignored my request to dps them both down fairly evenly. Oh well.

Last boss was more challenging, we wiped a couple times because DPS didn't understand that I couldn't interrupt BOTH the full auto AND the hail of bullets. Asked three times for them to handle the hail while i handled the full auto, they didn't listen. Finally we ended up doing a weird strat where one DPS picked up and killed the left 2 adds, I picked up and killed the right 2 adds. Not sure what the point of that was but at least I made sure the adds were dieing before he came out of his "stun" phase. ~_~