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I'm currently playing whack-a-mole with computer problems, leaving me with access only to what document portions I have backed up online. I will prevail. If Baby Sergeant Rusk can keep trying, so can I.

BABY RISHA: This meeting of the Take the Credits and Run club is called to order.
BABY RISHA surveys her associates.
BABY RISHA: Tanno! No picking your nose!
TANNO VIK: You gonna stop me?
BABY VETTE: You have to do what Risha says.
BABY TANNO VIK lowers his hand and glowers.
BABY RISHA: Andronikos, you had a plan?
BABY ANDRONIKOS: Well, Mr. Khem Val vetoed Blizz's plan to take daycare to space. If he'd gotten a little further in the process maybe we would have some rocket parts to work with. As it is we only have Vette's speeder.
BABY VETTE, suspiciously: Which is mine.
BABY RISHA: The point is, if we supercharge the...
BABY RISHA: Mr. Khem Val, you have to let us into daycare.
KHEM VAL: I cannot.
BABY RISHA: Can too! You have to do what I say.
KHEM VAL walks up to the door and tries it. It's locked.
KHEM VAL: I do not have the key.
BABY RISHA: You have three hundred pounds of angry alien, though.
KHEM VAL slams the door with his shoulder.
KHEM VAL: It will not work. Daycare is reinforced against all comers. Truly the workmanship rivals the locksmiths of Yn and Chabosh.
BABY RISHA: Wait, there were locksmiths at Yn and Chabosh?
KHEM VAL: They were complex industrial centers at the time.
BABY RISHA: As soon as you get that key, though. We're going in.
KHEM VAL: You can't queue up demands for me to do later.
BABY RISHA: Someday when I'm queen I will. All day long.

BABY KOTH: Are we ever going to let those guys in?
T7-01: Guys = who?
BABY KOTH: You know, the ones who are always crowding the windows or slamming at the door?
T7-01: Those = not problem // concerns = silly // Ha! Ha!
BABY LANA: It's just that it's a little creepy.
BABY KOTH: What if they're starving because all of the snacks are in here?
BABY LANA: There must be some way to pacify them...
BABY THERON, defensively: I outgrew pacifiers weeks ago!
The children look at him.
ASSISTANT SENYA: Thus far they have not succeeded in breaching the door or windows. I would say they're not a threat.
BABY LANA: I hope you're right.
BABY KOTH: For all we know they're dying of snacklessness out there! Somebody has to do something!
T7-01: Other children = return soon // Plans = in place
BABY KOTH, anxiously: Plans for snacks, too?
T7-01: Plans = include snacks
BABY KOTH: Whew. Okay.
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