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The application of the force doesnt dictate whather the user was using the Light or Darkside of the force. In fact at one point luke turns to the darkside later in novels. With the force being a part of every living thing there are really two ways to use it. Light and Dark. It's like fuel for an engine. Light side is a cleaner burning fuel that leaves the engine in tact while Darkside produces more power in bursts but destroys the engine in the long run. Tapping the force to close a windpipe isnt evil its just adding pressure to a point on the body. It's whether or not emotion drives his "engine" of the force. If he used the choke in jabas palace it wasnt an act of emotion. No darkside to be found. However i personally dont believe it was a choke. There are certain types of chokes that can cause someone to go unconcious in seconds but that seemed like an instant KO. Which leads you to believe impact from hitting the wall.