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Wow. I can't believe how this discussion has taken off.

Let's see this movie came out long before any games based off the Star Wars came out.

The Movies had Force powers where Luke could hear and later see Obi Wan after he died.

He used the Force to pull his lightsaber ot of the ice when he was hung upside down on Hoth. He used it to levivitate various objects on Dagobah and call to Leia when he was hanging off the Cloud City Station.

What he did was use the Force to move the gaurs out of his path. The force powers defined as "Force Choke" came up in the video games when there was a finite amount of combat options in the scope of the game.

Going back and limiting the force in the context of the game is like watching a Lord of the Rings and trying to define Gandelfs spells in D&D terminology.