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Healing is fun.

If it is not fun for you then, you basically suck at it. (Like not keeping people alive.)

The number 1 issue I have with healing in the Warzones; you get more valor marks for killing someone than you do keeping the person alive who killed someone. It needs to be balanced out. Don't get me wrong, I have a great time healing someone. But I'd like more awards for doing it. (At least even with a person doing the killing.)
This is absolutely correct.

As a level 50 Sorc healer with 3 pc Cent gear, I can heal for 300K+ easily on VS or Ald. hutball numbers are always less.

However, number of badges dont reflect my performance at all.

Why should a healer try to get a killing blow badge ??? 25 Kills ? And yet each badge gives us more commendations.

Give us triage badges - like badges for healing people who are at less than 10% HP.
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