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Now I want to see Baby Darth Marr sliding a little panel in his mask aside to permit a sippy cup of nice wholesome blue milk.

BABY PIERCE: Hey. Talos. You're Imperial Reclamation Service, right?
BABY TALOS: Why does this sound like a trap?
BABY PIERCE: You are, then. Why don't we reclaim daycare for the Empire?
T7-01: FCD = neutral territory
BABY PIERCE: The land has to change with the times, Mister Teeseven.
T7-01: FCD = neutral territory
SCORPIO: I find your assertion unconvincing. Pierce, can you demonstrate that the Empire has a decisive advantage?
BABY PIERCE: We can vote!
BABY TALOS, recovering from cowering: Why, Pierce, that sounds downright civilized.
BABY PIERCE: Thought you might like it. Lana! Are you for the Empire?
BABY LANA: Always.
BABY PIERCE: Xalek! Are you for the Empire?
BABY XALEK grins fearsomely behind his mask.
BABY PIERCE: Koth, are you for the Empire?
BABY KOTH: Yes! Uh, which one?
BABY PIERCE: Sith, like Lana, who is your friend and is also voting for us.
BABY KOTH: Good enough for me.
BABY PIERCE: HK series, Empire?
HK-55, from the toybox: Affirmation: With pleasure, master!
HK-51 is off and so has no opinion.
M1-4X: This aggression will not stand! The Republic will never give up-
HK-55's arm scrambles through the toys to M1-4X and removes his advanced prototype batteries.
BABY PIERCE: Much better. Yuun? Empire?
BABY YUUN: Yuun will oppose the Empire at all points.
BABY PIERCE: You didn't say it in Basic so it doesn't count. Theron, you're the only one left. Empire?
BABY THERON: I'm more of a Republic guy myself.
BABY PIERCE: How would you know? You have never spoken to a Pubbie except that toy over there. And Mister Teeseven. And Yuun, I guess. None of which are actually people.
BABY THERON: I'm a super secret spy! For the SIS! It counts!
BABY THERON: Well, they did stop taking my reports. Just because I accidentally spilled juice all over the last one...
BABY PIERCE: They've probably disavowed you. You've got no one but us.
BABY THERON: I'll never give up on the Republic! At least until a threat shows up thatís bigger than us both. Like thatíll ever happen.
T7-01: Theron = very brave // Pierce = mean bully
BABY THERON snaps. He runs to the toybox, slaps HK-55 aside, and restores M1-4X's advanced prototype batteries.
BABY THERON and M1-4X: For the Republic!
BABY PIERCE: Right. The toy box is officially a nerdy Republic zone.
BABY THERON: And always will be.
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