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BABY JAESA leans forward over the rudimentary hopscotch drawn in a dirt patch near the front walk.
BABY JAESA: Mako, what do your implants do?
BABY MAKO: Well, they let me connect to the Holonet anywhere. Or local area networks.

BABY KOTH: So, uh, Theron. What do your implants do?
BABY THERON: Spy stuff. And let me connect to local area networks.

BABY MAKO stiffens.
BABY JAESA: Uh, hello back?

BABY THERON: Uh, hi. How did you get this frequency?
BABY KOTH: What frequency?

BABY MAKO: I asked you first.
BABY JAESA: No, you didn't.

BABY THERON: No, you didn't.
BABY KOTH: Sure I did. ...Did what?

BABY MAKO’s cybernetics spark.

BABY THERON: You still there?

BABY MAKO: Stupid…
BABY JAESA: You're not even talking to me! You're ignoring me, just like everyone!
BABY JAESA clenches tiny fists.
BABY JAESA: Rrrrrrr!
KHEM VAL: And, finally, no Teeseven to stop her. It will be as the avengers of Yn and Chabosh.

BABY THERON, tapping his cybernetics: Well, uh, bye!
BABY KOTH: Too weird. I'm out.


BABY JAESA is stomping around brandishing a stick with brightly colored ribbons wrapped around it to color it red.
BABY JAESA: The Force will free me!
KHEM VAL wipes a manly tear from his eye.
BABY KIRA: Jaesa! Wait!
BABY JAESA: You're mean, too! Sometimes.
BABY KIRA: It was teasing Guss. That doesn't count.
BABY JAESA: A meanie and a hipperkit!
BABY KIRA: Ashara, get over here. Nadia, you too.
BABY ASHARA: What's the problem?
BABY JAESA: I've picked a side.
NADIA GRELL, sending the disturbance and running in: Not the Dark Side!?
BABY JAESA: It's the only way to win.
BABY KIRA: But the Jedi have...
BABY JAESA watches expectantly.
BABY KIRA: That is...we have, uh...
BABY KIRA: I thought it was Xalek who brought cookies.
BABY ASHARA: Darn. You're right.
NADIA GRELL: Listen, Jaesa. The Force is a big, complicated thing. But the Light Side of it won't try to kill you.
BABY KIRA: Ooh, good point.
BABY JAESA: You speak from authority as someone who's been a Jedi for...?
NADIA GRELL: About three days?
BABY JAESA: Yeah. Thought so.
BABY JAESA brandishes her stick.
BABY ASHARA: We can't be friends if you're a Sith.
BABY JAESA: Why not? Everybody's pretending to get along nowadays.
BABY KIRA: Except the Emperor. He's a jerk.
BABY JAESA: Except the Emperor. He's a jerk. - But maybe he likes being a jerk! Maybe he’s allowed to! Maybe I have only begun to unlock the power of the Dark Side!
NADIA GRELL: Whoa, girl. Step away from the sippy cup.
BABY DARTH MARR: I will be your friend if you stay with the Dark Side.
BABY JAESA: Can we do hopscotch together?
BABY JAESA: Braid each other’s hair?
BABY DARTH MARR: Not as such.
BABY JAESA: Share our snacks at snack time?
BABY DARTH MARR: I snack on the spirits of my fallen foes. Something I and Khem Val have in common, really.
NADIA GRELL: You can do nice normal things with us instead, you just have to renounce the Dark Side first.
BABY DARTH MARR: Unlimited power.
NADIA GRELL: Long games of duck-duck-gundark.
BABY JAESA: Okay, fine.
BABY JAESA painstakingly unravels the red ribbon from her stick and neatly rolls it up.
BABY JAESA: There is no emotion, only peace.
BABY DARTH MARR: Fine. See if I invite you to my next crushing victory.
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