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Stephen Reid just said on Reddit that a Hood Toggle was difficult to add to the game. He has been an honest Communtiy Rep and I accept him at his word, so I get that may not come for a while.

Still though, I (and a ton of other Knight players) don't want to be stuck playing a bald hooded character til 50. So please add this interim fix. The following armors are completed and playable, as we have seen from this very website. Please add moddable versions of the following to the game as soon as possible:

The two Guardian and first Sentinel chest piece from this video:

The Knight from this video:

If this is different from the Class Progression video, than the Knight armor shown here:

The Jedi Armor from 1:05/1:06 in this video:

The armor on the central image on this page:

The Sentinel armor shown here:

The Guardian armor shown here:

... and the Guardian armor shown here:

... and here:

If some of these are duplicate looks, then just add one, but right there are at least 8 chestpieces with the hood down, both Guardian and Sentinel, and if they were added in as moddable orange chest pieces, it would make at least this Jedi Knight, and though I don't speak for anybody else, I imagine a lot of other Knights, happy enough to enjoy playing our characters until such time as a toggle can be made.

Please do this. You have the art. It's done. It's as simple as adding 8 chestpieces to the game. With so little effort, you could make so many of your players happy to play again, and happy to subscribe again. Thank you for listening.
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