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12.28.2011 , 03:35 PM | #12
Our first guild run in EV last night and we had the same problem with auto assigned loot that is BoP, and to loot the gear the raid leader had to pass raid leader to each individual so that they could loot their gear and tokens

Also what gives with 4 different vendors for the raid gear, last night I was auto assigned Unassembled Columi Wargrade Tech Greaves.

So after finally finding the right Columi vendor I tried to choose the correct leggings for a gunnery commando, but thanks to not being able to read the set bonus until after I purchased the greaves I choose the leggings for a dps Vanguard.

I love this game, reminds me of vanilla WoW at it's finest but there is butt load polishing to be done.
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