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Not slowin' down now...there's people to meet, supply lines to secure...

Ships float in strict square ranks in the far distance. The children play close to the walls and particularly the door, just in case.
BABY RISHA: Vik, where did my mini speeder bike go?
BABY TANNO VIK: How should I know?
BABY RISHA: Because you stole it, I assume.
BABY TANNO VIK: I didnít take your stupid speeder.
BABY JORGAN: Andronikos, where did my Bigblaster 4000 go?
BABY ANDRONIKOS: How would I know?
BABY JORGAN: Because youíve been staring at it for weeks.
BABY VETTE: Hey, where did my purple crystal go?
Everyone is silent.
Then, from around a not-too-distant tree, a tiny brown-robed form roars on a little speeder that appears to have been outfitted with a massive plastoid gun and focusing crystal. It pulls up before the dumbfounded children.
BABY BLIZZ: [incomprehensible jabbering]
BABY JORGAN: Thatís mine!
BABY RISHA: Also mine!
BABY VETTE: And a local vendorís, technically, but I stole it fair and square.
BABY DOC: He stole my Halloween costume!
BABY BLIZZ: [incomprehensible jabbering]
BABY JORGAN: No, you canít. Itís ours.
BABY BLIZZ: [incomprehensible jabbering]
BABY VETTE: You want more?
BABY BLIZZ leans in the direction of BABY THARAN, who is consulting with the purple plastoid pony MY LITTLE HOLIDAY.
BABY THARAN: Don't look at me. My Little Holiday is one cast piece of plastic.
BABY BLIZZ: [incomprehensible jabbering]
BABY THARAN, hugging MY LITTLE HOLIDAY protectively: Get your own.
BABY VETTE: But he's so cute.
BABY DOC: Excuse me? Who cornered the market on cute before you came along? ME. Thatís who.
BABY BLIZZ turns his bright yellow eyes to BABY MAKO.
BABY BLIZZ: [incomprehensible jabbering?]
BABY MAKO: It's kind of embedded in my head. So I can't really spare it.
BABY RISHA: Can we hold up on the uncontrolled scavenging of everything in sight until we get inside? It's okay, kid. Once we get inside, there's three droids. Plus a Hutt with a slightly beat-up mechanical walker.
BABY BLIZZ: [incomprehensible jabbering!]
BABY THARAN: Weren't you going to fix that?
BABY RISHA: Why would I when I can make him do it?
BABY DOC: Youíre not taken in by his Mr. Cool act, right, Rish?
BABY RISHA: Of course not. If you go get me some juice we can talk.

* Todayís Jawa translation services provided by the subtitlers of KOTOR 2, though there it was Gand, not Jawa, that had chittering, not jabbering.


A distant rumbling is felt by the children outside daycare. Several run to the door in hopes of taking shelter. Others toddle over to see what the fuss is.
Over a distant rise sweeps an undulating mass of flesh. It eventually resolves itself into a stampede of rakghouls, galloping on knuckles and feet. The tide races toward FCD and sweeps aside just in time to avoid it.
One rakghoul rolls away from the pack and, in the course of several end-over-end turns, becomes a chubby older child.

KID LOKIN: My word. I didnít realize the daycare was still here.
BABY ELARA: Lokin? I thought you were with Governor Saresh.
KID LOKIN: Yes, well, her career took her elsewhere.
BABY ELARA: She didnít leave you on Taris, did she? Thatís not safe.
KID LOKIN looks after his retreating compatriots.
KID LOKIN: No, I was quite comfortable. Itís kind of you to ask.
BABY ELARA looks ill at ease.
KID LOKIN: Yes? What is it?
BABY ELARA: Do you have your immunizations up to date? I only ask because you didnít last time.
KID LOKIN: I am as immune to rakghouls as Iím ever going to get.
BABY ELARA: Oh. Well, thatís all right, then.
BABY MAKO: Are you here to go inside?
KID LOKIN: I donít know. My standards are very high.
KID LOKIN smiles.
KID LOKIN: And Iím hungry.
KID LOKIN starts running after the rakghouls. At some point he dips to all fours and transitions to the shambling gait of his rakghoul friends.
BABY ELARA: IímÖnot sure we were supposed to talk to him.


BABY TANNO VIK: Ladies and gentlemen. I have great news.
BABY GUSS: We can go inside?
BABY TANNO VIK: Even better. As long as weíre not inside, thereís no weapons ban.
BABY TANNO VIK: Thanks to my new partner in business we are all set to go.
BABY GAULT: No need to thank me, your credits are enough.
BABY CORSO: Any point seven blasters with halfway decent stabilizers?
BABY ZENITH: And a scope.
BABY CORSO: Itís a pistol. It doesnít need a scope.
BABY ZENITH: Everything is better with scopes.
BABY GAULT: Something for everyone, step right up. Weíre going to put the wild back in wild West.
BABY CORSO: West of what?
BABY TANNO VIK: Donít stress the details.
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