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SWTORCGR -Streamlined method to ensure people are aware of Great Guides and Resources.


SWTOR Community Guides and Resources - SWTORCGR (4.0 Ready)

Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection for and by the Players of SWTOR.

Has been created as a community project for SWOTOR.

You can direct people to it by simply telling them to google search SWTORCGR, quick simple way to share this community resource with people asking for help in game, friends and guild members without needing a lengthy link.


This project is designed to be community tool that should eventually have a life of it's own when the community uses it with it's intended function. People play take a breaks at times even quit a game for a while and often amazing guide lists and indexes eventually aren't as helpful cause the person that created it is either taking a break or is no longer playing. I am developing and will continue to develop a system that will allow the SWTOR community to have a steam lined method of Announcing, Finding and Sharing the many great Guides and Resources for SWTOR that get buried in forums or get left undiscovered.


How it works:


1) Subscribing:
Subscribe to the three Stickied posts you see below. The Moderators have been gracious enough to give them the TOP Sticky spot in the New Player, Crew Skill and Class section of the Official forums. I would recommend instant email notification but it's your choice it's how I subscribe to the posts here that I find very helpful.


2) Announcing at official forums:
When you create or find an amazing SWTOR guide provide a link to it in the appropriate Section:
SWTORCGR in the New Player section - for general guides, tools and sources.
SWTORCGR in the Crew Skill section - for Crew Skill related guides, tools and sources.
SWTORCGR in the Class section - for Class related Guides, tools and sources.


3) Adding the link to SWTORCGR
Method 1: For those not familiar with spreadsheets use the:This will automatically enter the links at:Then the people in the community that know their way around spreadsheets or the SWTORCGR moderators can add the information to the appropriate places.

Method 2 (preferred method): once you get familiar with spreadsheets add them to the appropriate spreadsheets:
Class Guide - Links: For Class related Guides, tools and sources.
Crew Skill Guide - Links: For Crew Skill related Guides, tools and sources.
Companion Guide - Links: For Companion related Guides, tools and sources.
Misc Guide - Links: For Miscellaneous Guides, tools and sources.
SWOTOR Source - Links: For SWTOR sources like official forums,,, etc.
SWTOR Spreadsheet Links: For spreadsheets people have made for SWOTOR.


The Reason:

Most of us want to spend as much time as we can playing the game over spending time looking for the information that allows us to get the most out of the game. This provides us with a quick method of being notified when new information we want becomes available.

For people that go above and beyond by creating Guides, Tools, Spreadsheets, Sources to share with the community this ensures that it will have a high level of visibility and not get lost and buried in the forums or get left undiscovered.

It requires only a little extra effort in the beginning but it rewards us with a system that allows us to be notified and find the information we want quickly it also allows us to share information with each other in a very efficient manner.

If everyone in the community just contributes a small amount of effort in this project the rewards for everyone will be astronomical. The more people share the more others will want to also share. In a system like this it gains a life of it's own and will still persist as people come and go from the game.

So this is the challenge for the community to come together in a Community Project that could benefit us all greatly and allow us to spend less time looking for and broadcasting information with each other and spend more time playing the game.


SWOTORCGR Protective Measures
When I originally started this all the sheets were left completely open for edit and I would prefer it could stay like this. However sheets were getting accidentally and sadly at times intentionally damaged by people. I have there for protected areas of the spreadsheets that were completed to decrease the chances of information being accidentally written over or deleted.

New information can be added and edit by anyone below the completed areas these sections are clearly marked. When a Moderator visits the sheets they can move things people add into the protected areas .

Anyone can add new sheets at anytime and add a link to that sheet to the table of contents. New sheets added to the project when noticed can be safe guarded by one of the moderators.

People wanting full edit functions of sheets such as using sort fields can also make a copy of the entire sheet and do with it as they please.


SWTORCGR Moderators:

Moderators will be needed it's a lot of work for 1 person and I am happy to do it but I will be limited to how much I can do based on the time that is available to me. So if anyone in the community would like to help Move new content people add to the protected areas, improve on the design and function of the project, please notify me at any of the contact points provided below. Moderators will be given the ability to edit protected areas.


I hope all of you jump aboard this project whether it's just to receive information, share information or become a moderator.

Thank You,