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11.08.2015 , 09:02 AM
Thank you all! It's fun to be back

BABY THERON: Lana! Lana! Look what I got!
BABY THERON, pointing: I got a nametag. It says Theron Shan, Super Secret Spy.
BABY LANA: Doesn’t that slightly defeat the purpose of being secret?
BABY THERON: I don’t see the problem.
ASSISTANT SENYA: This is something that has been confusing me, Theron.
BABY THERON: What has?
ASSISTANT SENYA: Your mother is the galaxy’s – I mean your half’s – the galaxy’s most famous, er, Jedi.
ASSISTANT SENYA: And your father is the galaxy’s – I mean your half’s – the galaxy’s most famous…Republic?...soldier.
ASSISTANT SENYA: And you took your mother’s name to boot.
ASSISTANT SENYA: And you have not renounced in any way any aspect of your lineage or your origin.
ASSISTANT SENYA: So how are you qualified to be a secret agent?
BABY THERON, pointing: Says so right here.
BABY LANA: I don’t think we’re getting through to him.
BABY THERON: Mister Teeseven!
T7-01 rolls up.
T7-01: Theron = problem?
BABY THERON: No. No, just tell ‘em that if we ever had to do super secret spy stuff you would back me up. As a super secret spy.
T7-01: Theron + T7-01 = super secret spy team any time the Republic needs us
ASSISTANT SENYA: Using the name you’ve publicly used for at least two hundred years?
T7-01: Senya = help with making juice snacks for the children // Theron = perfectly good spy
T7-01 and ASSISTANT SENYA leave.
BABY LANA: I still think you’re doing it wrong.
BABY THERON: Well, excuse me, Miss “I have a great idea the Republic should help me with even though I’m a card-carrying Sith.”
BABY LANA looks suddenly guilty as she covers her pocket with one hand.
BABY LANA: I have no idea what you’re talking about.


The exiled children of FCD mill around outside the locked daycare. KHEM VAL approaches BABY TANNO VIK where he is doing pushups and probably contemplating mayhem.
KHEM VAL: Tanno Vik. I have news.
BABY TANNO VIK, standing: Yeah? What is it?
KHEM VAL: You have to leave.
BABY TANNO VIK: I did leave. That’s why I’m out here with everyone else.
KHEM VAL: I mean leave Forced Companions, permanently.
The assembled children gasp.
BABY TANNO VIK: Can you even do that?
KHEM VAL: I can now.
BABY TANNO VIK: But what about the Take the Credits and Run Club?
KHEM VAL: You are no longer a member.
BABY TANNO VIK: Juvenile Delinquents Class of 18 ATC Or Thereabouts?
KHEM VAL: Expunged from the books.
BABY TANNO VIK: But who’s gonna run interference for Andronikos on the next foam dart blaster shipment?
KHEM VAL glares.
BABY TANNO VIK: Which was a purely theoretical exercise, I assure you.
KHEM VAL glares.
BABY TANNO VIK: And what about my detonite stash?
BABY ELARA, piping up from the sidelines: Pierce will just make Yuun find it. It will still go to illegal use.
BABY TANNO VIK, wailing: But not my illegal use!
KHEM VAL points.
BABY TANNO VIK picks up his reinforced phobium lunchbox and makes a rude gesture at the other children.

BABY TANNO VIK: I’m not gone forever. You’ll see.
The children watch in stunned silence as BABY TANNO VIK trudges down the road.
BABY VETTE: Is he really…gone?
BABY ELARA: I didn’t think the rules allowed that.
KHEM VAL: I don’t see anyone stopping me.
BABY ELARA: You know he’s just going to dismantle the anti-air turrets and construct some sort of death machine so he can come exact revenge.
The silence turns thoughtful. Then slightly panicked.
KHEM VAL: Vik! You may return!
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