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A sunny day in FCDland. The doors of daycare remain stubbornly sealed shut. The children mill around aimlessly, waiting for the chance to go back inside.
KHEM VAL: Pierce. You have been chosen.
BABY PIERCE, intrigued: Yeah?
KHEM VAL: Come here.
BABY PIERCE: This isnít one of those Ďlure off the apprentice and eat himĒ things, is it?
KHEM VAL: You will not know unless you come along.
KHEM VAL and BABY PIERCE go around the corner.
KHEM VAL: You may be able to reenter daycare.
BABY PIERCE: Is Quinn still stuck outside?
BABY PIERCE: Awesome. Oh! But maybe Iím too cool to come back.
KHEM VAL: That is doubtful.
BABY PIERCE: Tell you what. If somebody somewhere punches ten Pubbies Ė no! Twenty Pubbies, then Iíll come back inside.
KHEM VAL, slowly: Punch twenty Pubbies.
KHEM VAL: I will submit it for consideration.


BABY KOTH: You think weíre settled in enough that we can bring HK-55 back?
BABY LANA: Bring him back? Koth, heís in pieces. You used most of them for your starship command console.
BABY KOTH: Yeah, but I saved his central processing unit and his vocabulator.
BABY LANA trots to the toybox and pulls out a small colorful box labeled HK-51.
BABY LANA: Will this help?
BABY KOTH: Maybe. Iíll hook this up, you start up HK-51.
HK-51: Greetings, master! Are you prepared to educate organics?
BABY KOTH finishes pinching together a circuit in the dented little box that is now Velcro tied into a battered droid forearm.
BABY KOTH: Here we go. HK-55, meet HK-51. HK-51, HK-55.
BABY LANA: Whew. Say that ten times fast.
HK-51: Query: Wait, your central processing unit was in your forearm?
HK-55: Explanation: Nobody expects it there.
HK-51: Disdainful reminder: We live in a galaxy with lightsabers. People get their hands cut off all the time.
HK-55: Taunt: I think youíre just jealous that youíre a Speak Ďní Spell and I was a deadly assassin droid.
HK-51: Protest: Iím a deadly assass-
HK-51 makes a small strangled noise.
HK-51: I mean, yes. I am a Speak Ďní Spell. How ordinary and humdrum my life is.
HK-55: Gloating: Yeah. I just bet youíre jealous.
HK-55ís hand twitches.
HK-55: Inquiry: Where is the rest of me?
BABY LANA: Serving a good cause. Yes. It was necessary.
BABY KOTH: For high-speed spaceship chases.
BABY LANA: AndÖreasons.
HK-55: Resignation: Very well, masters.


A sunny day in FCDland. The doors of daycare remain stubbornly sealed shut. The children mill around aimlessly, waiting for the chance to go back inside.
BABY YUUN: Yuun has found a path back into daycare.
KHEM VAL: No, you havenít.
BABY YUUN: Itís right overĖ
KHEM VAL picks up BABY YUUN by the scruff of his insectoid neck and raises him to eye Ė and tooth Ė level.
KHEM VAL: No. You havenít.
BABY YUUN: Yuun cannot lie.
KHEM VAL: Fine. Go in. Iím kicking the tunnel shut after you.
BABY YUUN: The trail goes deep. What if Yuun finds Baby Soa in there?
KHEM VAL: You just get to figure that out. Shoo.
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